About the festival

Simply: we have decided that the Georgian Contact Festival will happen this autumn, as long as there are open borders and flights.

We will take all necessary measures to ensure safety at the festival - from transparent informing to careful hygiene, also based on the experience of festivals that will take place earlier (if any). In case circumstances do not allow the festival to happen, we will send back the registration fees.

About dance

The current situation in the world challenges not only the community of contact improvisation, but also the human ability to be in embodied contact.

For us, human contact and, in particular, the practice of contact improvisation are life values worth standing up for. It feels important to maintain and support the practice that has become the core philosophy of life for many of us. Skin hunger makes us ask ourselves whether I'm ready to jam with these people if it involves the risk of getting a flu. We miss our friends and want to embrace them.

Now, during the crisis, a lot will change - labor organization, economy, education and service models. We intend to ensure that a live touch does not disappear from the culture of human relations, but becomes a consciously recognized value in people's lives.

About situation in Georgia

At the moment Georgia looks like a good and safe place to stay during the crisis.
The government is taking the right steps, and society is behaving responsibly.
Educational institutions were closed as early as 2nd of March. Currently, the borders are closed, public transport is stopped, and inside the country one can only travel by car. The current situation is called "vacation" instead of "quarantine".
There are few people on the streets, the vast majority wearing masks and gloves. Meeting you, people prefer to move to the other side of the street.

There were 70 cases of the virus in the country, 11 recovered and went home.
Doctors are national heroes.

People support each other, help old people. No panic. Foreigners who were unable to return home live in resort hotels at the expense of the state. It's the same with people in quarantine. Spring is coming in full force, weather is warm, the grass is green, the trees are in bloom.

About the virus

Nobody knows about the future since it is future.

But we made a research through couple of dozens of science publications and interviewed one of the main virologists in Ukraine to get to the following point of view:

All infections that can be transmitted naturally, i.e. either through the air, eaten food or insects, are seasonal. The only exceptions are blood infections that are transmitted by transfusion, injection or other means. There's no seasonality. In most countries, intestinal infections prevail during the summer and respiratory infections during the cold season. There is a great hope that there will be a respite in summer, because COVID-19 is a respiratory infection. There will be cases in summer, which of course cannot be ruled out, because the virus is new, but there will be the way less chance for mass infection. It is important to remember that quarantine does not give immunity. There are two ways to get immunity - to get sick and to recover, or to get a vaccine.

The virus mutates, and the forms of disease become mild. It's a biological law.

The exciter, whether virus or non-virus, if new, always causes an acute course of the disease. There are two ways to go. Either it becomes more adapted to the body and does not cause a significant number of severe forms, or it disappears because its victims due to the acute course of the disease do not have time to spread the virus in the population. Coronavirus most likely follows the first path. And if so, then, having mutated into light forms, it will gain a foothold in the population and acquire, for example, seasonal character.

When the world came across SARS in 2002-2003, 8,000 people fell ill and just under 1,000 died. But because the course of the disease caused by this virus was severe and the mortality rate high, it simply disappeared. The infections cases were registered in several countries but were rather isolated. That's how it is now - what we have in Europe, particularly in Italy, in Spain - fortunately that was not the case then. Most likely, the coronavirus will complement the 200 viruses known to us that cause respiratory pathology.

Quarantine has already taken strict forms in a number of countries, where people's access to the street is also restricted. In a conscious society, these measures are probably the product of fear. Outdoors, you can't get infected. The wind and the sun will have a devastating effect on the virus. The main thing is not to make out with sick people outside. And walking in the park is not only useful, but also necessary, it calms the nervous system, shaken by quarantine.

About the future

The thirst for life on the verge of death is an archetypical experience of humankind. We are on the brink of a great change and the choice does not happen "when things settle down", but now, when the future is vague and in the present you can only rely on yourself. This choice requires courage and faith - and your future depends on it. Our choice is to dream and embody the new archetypes dancing into autumn with the magnetic Georgian contact festival. And we want you to believe in it with us!

Dreamers, unite!

Festival Team
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