Dancing Date

This is a festival of Contact Improvisation that brings together people from all over the world and unites
various types of contemporary art.

Sound, text, color and form are going to be embodied in us during an unforgettable week spent in the City of Love.
3 Contact Improvisation workshops
Dancing Date, Round Robin, One-to-one and other contact games in stunning locations
Silent, music and focus jams
in 700 sq m gallery of Tsereteli Museum
Contact Workshops
13:00 - 16:00
Tim O'Donnel &
Alicia Grayson
Asaf Bachrach &
Katya Basalaeva
Olivia Court Mesa &
Yochai Ginton
All stars Immersive Laboratory

More info TBA
Alicia Grayson & Tim O'Donnel
Rock the Contact Point!
Alicia and Tim team up to share their love of contact improvisation during this intensive.
Our intention is to support more ease, embodiment and delightful discovery in our contact improvisation explorations. Through demonstrations, language and touch we open doorways into some of the areas of contact improvisation we are most passionate about. There will be plenty of space for individual feedback and support. 
We will draw from Body Mind Centering, Idiokenises, Functional Anatomy and inspiration form the natural world as we explore practices ins solo, duet and ensemble. Specifically we will focus on floor work, fluidity and flight to expand our dancing from the gentle and subtle to the acrobatic and fluidity athletic.

Alicia Grayson has been passionately involved with dancing, teaching and performing Contact Improvisation for the past 32 years. She has taught CI as an adjunct faculty at George Washington University, University of Denver, Naropa University and Shenandoah University. She teaches CI, yoga and pilates classes in Boulder, CO and regularly travels nationally and internationally to teach. Her long time practices of authentic movement, yoga and pilates and her love of nature are important influences on her dancing and teaching. She is a certified Hakomi therapist, certified perinatal somatic attachment therapist and certified Feminine Power transformational coach and facilitator. She is currently training to be a biodynamic breath and trauma release practitioner. She delights in exploring and discovering new depths to contact improvisation and related disciplines and is particularly interested in the intersection of physics and expression and the mind/body relationship. She is dedicated to supporting her fellow humans to be the most amazing embodied beings that we are! www.aliciagrayson.com

Tim O’Donnell is a New York based dance artist who has been studying, teaching, and performing in both the United States and Europe. His exploration in dance and movement is strongly rooted in a deep physical listening and a sense of adventure. His classes range from the gentle and subtle to the acrobatic and fluidly athletic. He holds an MFA in Dance and has maintained a private practice in therapeutic bodywork and somatic movement since 1991. Currently he is on faculty at Movement Research and Arizona State University.

Asaf Bachrach & Katya Basalaeva
Asaf Bachrach (France)

Dance Experience:
Regular practice and teaching of contact improvisation (CI, a contemporary dance technique) as well as other types of dance (Butoh, release, tuning score)since 1994 years. Studied in Tel Aviv, New York, Paris and Boston. Among his most influential professors are Steve Paxton, Kirsty Simson, Lisa Nelson, Min Tanaka. Since 2000, he has taught in Europe, in the USA, in Buenos Aires and in Israel. In 2012, he organized an international conference in Paris around CI and 'mindfulness' (http://mindthepoint.wordpress.com/). Founder of the ME-lieu collective (2015). Since 2016 he is a certified Rolfing® practitioner. Asaf has been co-leading, since 2016 the F.A.R nomadic somatics school, a trans-somatic (Feldenkrais, ALexander, Rolfing and CI) experiential research group.

Katya Basalaeva (Siberia)

Dancer, performer, choreographer, teacher. Organizer of the Contact Improvisation Festival at Altai. CI practice and teaching – 18 years. Her background experience includes contemporary dance, physical theatre, aikido, climbing, play-fight, axis syllabus etc. At the moment contact improvisation, ideokinesis and performative art nurture her interest in personal exploration inviting to doubt what is already known and creating space for further transformations.
19:00 - 20:00
Tsereteli Museum
Dancing Date
* Put your name in the table (1st day of festival)
* Can be 1, 2, 3 or more dancers
* 15 minutes (can be less, but no more)
* Audience and camera witnessing
* Dance is happening
Round Robin
Everyone sits in a circle while two people dance a contact duet in the middle. After some time someone from the circle enters the space and a transitional trio emerges until one of the duet people leaves the dance and goes back into the circle.
One to one
There are 15+5 minutes blocks during a score. Partners dance in duos, then giving 5-minutes verbal feedback to each other. Good opportunity to catch teacher that you want to learn from but not necessary.
Within the study of Contact Improvisation, the experience of flow was soon recognized and highlighted in our dancing. Could we squeak through that one, and keep going?
20:00 - 23:00
Spacious Galleries of Tsereteli Museum
Silent Jam
Music Jam
Focus Jam
Day Off
Sulphur Baths
Monday, September 27
15:00 - Registration
18:00 - Intro Circle
19:00 - Performance
20:00 - Jam
Tuesday, September 28
Wednesday, September 29
13:00 - Intensives
18:00 - Round Robin/Dancing Date
19:00 - Jam
Thursday, September 30
Day Off
Trip to Kakhetian Vineyards
Sulphur Bath Party
Friday, October 1
Saturday, October 2
13:00 - Intensives
18:00 - One-to-One/Performance
19:00 - Jam
Sunday, October 3
11:00 - Closing Circle and Jam
This is a place, where things are happening.
Ancient city, capital of Georgia, is known for its hospitality, big heart, and romantic eclecticism of the meeting of modernity and antiquity.
Dancing in Museums and Galleries
Living in historical centre of ancient city
Performing in exiting places
Enjoying variety of local food and wine
Yes, we love it!
Where to live?
Good question. We recommend to live close to historical centre where most of our dancing spaces are located. Price for hostel 5-8 euros/day, double room in a hotel 20-40. Also there is a good option to rent a flat with other participants. If you want us to help with that, tick the button during a registration.



Where to eat?
Get ready to bring few more kilos from Georgia. Feeding guestі is a kind of national sport here. Food is very tasty, a lot of restaurants everywhere. We will send our recommendations by email to all the participants.


Tits and Dragons
Marco Polo (Shota Rustaveli 42)

What else is interesting?
- "Tbilisi" literally means "warm spring". There is still ancient quarter of sulphur baths called Abanotubani. One of the evenings we will spend there swimming, singing, sweating - that's something you really have to experience in your life.

- "Bassiani". World's top-10 techno club. What about crazy Friday night?

- First week of October is "Tbilisoba" - Day of Tbilisi, rooted in ancient tradition of harvesting grapes, making wine, inviting friends and celebrating life! The best time to be here.
How to get to Tbilisi?
Take a flight.
Also there is an option to take a cheap Wizzair flight to Kutaisi, and take a bus from there.
Including Workshops, Jams and Scores,
excursions and snacks
You are welcome!
Welcome to Dancing Date!
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