Contact Journey

Adventure of touch through the Mountains, Valleys and Sea
Beyond the time
10 days of embodiment odyssey through fantastic valleys, mountains and seaside of Georgia. Contact Improvisation, somatics, performance, voice practices, poetry and many more.
Stan Potoku

Voice & Music
Aleksandra Soshnikova &
Sergey Golovnea
Contact Improvisation & Performance
Daria Lukina

Video Eye
A Musical Journey to Inner Truth

Each of us has that place inside where we encounter authentic Life. It is always calling... Quietly and surely. And that call can invite us into a song. A song of passage, a song of encounter, a song of mystery. On our journey, I invite you to plunge into the depths of our being and explore our voice. I feel that the Voice is a very subtle instrument and is directly connected to our heart center.

To better hear ourselves and discover our voice we will take a special journey. A journey through intuitive chants.

Throughout the process, it is important for me to maintain a trusting atmosphere and a field of empathetic attention. An attention that combines ease and depth. 

What I will share in this journey emerged in me through direct personal experience and influence from Sufi traditions, irmoi, meditative and spiritual chanting, Hungarian folk.

I want our journey through Georgia to be the ritual of our new song. A song of the living moment. A celebration of Life song.


Having once experienced an altered state of consciousness, Stan realized that he needs to sing. To sing, in order to serve others in cultivating harmonious perception of life. To sing, in order to be in fuller contact with Source. To sing, letting the Universe flow through me. 

It happened to him in 2011 and he has been exploring voice and sound and practicing music ever since. Most of his life has been filled with singing, music, yoga, contact improvisation, retreats, travel, meditation and working with children. 

Somatic practices
Rituals for morning gatherings 

Through embodiment practices, breathing, contact improvisation, authentic movement, performative practices, self- and outer observation, we will touch one another and ourselves, come into resonance with each new place. Manifest what we research through creative projects. 

By giving attention to the details, we can subconsciously see within ourselves how movement is born. How from big and small gestures and daily actions, the dance of our lives is born.


Alexandra Soshnikova and Sergey Golovnya started collaborating in 1997 in Anjelika Donyi’s contemporary dance group “Voices” and have been working as a duo since 2000. 

From then on they have danced and improvised, taught dance to different age groups, composed and performed dance pieces together. They frequently participate in international projects and performances as dancers, choreographers and also organizers which takes them places.

Their teaching geography spreads across Moldova, Ukraine, Belorussia, Bulgaria, Israel, Estonia, Russia, Latvia, France, Italy, Greece, Georgia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, N.Ireland.

Based in Moldova they contribute to local cultural scene and have organized 13 international festivals to date bringing international talent to Chisinau.

Video Lab

Together we will create collective cinematic dreams, dance films and video portraits, deceive our perception, make a performative map of the area, and produce video poetry with set coordinates.

I look at videography as a psycho-magical act. I am interested in finding metaphors of the inner process in the outer space. And reverse, looking for rhymes to the environment in the body. Allowing intuition and imagination to guide us and create poetry from the medium at hand.


Daria Lukina is a multidisciplinary artist and a visual poet known for video works created at various contact improvisation festivals and retreat communities in Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Thailand and Bali. 

After the depth of the Silent Festival and the sparkling joy of Dancing date, we're off on a contemplative, deep, life-changing journey. We will ride in a big bus through the mountains, plains, and valleys, past snow-capped peaks, through hot springs - straight to the ancient sea. We will sleep in tents on the shore of a mountain lake, in guesthouses lost in the woods, in caves where our ancestors lived. We will cook food over a fire, sing Georgian songs, talk about the deep, touch, look and see, float downstream, transforming, sprouting, being reborn to a new life - and, of course, we will make a movie about it.
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